Brittany DeMauro Teal HairI’m a 20-something girl just trying to make it in the digital world.  Or maybe that’s just my excuse to spend too much time on the Internet.  Either way, you’ve landed on this website which was created to give you a sneak peek into my professional life.  Because yes, contrary to popular belief, I am a professional.

Since this is the internet, let me give you a quick little rundown of me.  I’m a 28/F/NJ.  I love disappearing into a good book or binging an afternoon away on Netflix and then writing about it.  I pride myself on my ability to write out concise thoughts in 140 characters or less but I’ve also participated in NaNoWriMo on multiple occasions.  I watch YouTube more than I watch television these days.  I pretend to know about Tumblr by searching for Buzzfeed posts.  And I talk about cats a lot especially now that I own one.

If you’d like to see my full, updated resume, click here.  And if you’d looking for some of my latest work, click here.

Also, I blog over here.